“Monument Valley”

Monument ValleyMonument Valley

written by Lizzie Vieh
directed, produced, and edited by Robert A. K. Gonyo

Laura Hooper as Jill Wright
Anna Savant as Mary Louise Wright
Tara Gadomski as Rhonda Grinnell
Nick Fondulis as Mark Percy
Caitlin Johnston as Lacey Renault

This is a work of fiction. The Professor advises you to listen with headphones.

Monument Valley first appeared on the Geste podcast, November 23, 2015.

The music used in the radio play Monument Valley is by Kevin MacLeod; the compositions “Clean Soul,” “Colorless Aura,” and “Past the Edge”. All are used under a Creative Commons By Attribution 3.0 license. Visit incompetech.com to hear more of Kevin MacLeod’s work.

The photo of Monument Valley is in the public domain, used under a CC0/no attribution required agreement from Pixabay.

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