To anyone who’s tried to submit a script since February 2018, thru May 11, 2018:

My sincere apologies. I posted a call for submissions, and received a number of lovely scripts until February 6, when all submissions stopped. I assumed perhaps the “calls for submissions” had been removed, but I found out this morning that my hosting service, in the name of “updating servers” or some other such malarkey, had cut off forwarding for my e-mail address. Therefore, any messages sent to me here were not reaching me. 

I can only infer that some of you attempted to reach me, and heard nothing back. I apologize that this happened, and please know that I would still love to hear from you, and read your submissions.

My standard call for submissions is below. The e-mail address should be fully functional now. If it is not, please, reach out to me on Twitter, or Facebook, and I will get back to you. 


The Professor would love to work with you.

If you have a script for a short radio play, in the realm of horror, that you’d like to have produced on the podcast, he’ll read it and respond. Submit to this e-mail address.

Directors and actors are also encouraged to reach out and introduce themselves. The show is recorded and produced in New York City, so that might be a small barrier to entry for some, unless you have recording capabilities at your location.

Or, perhaps you are a producer, and would like to get your work on the podcast? Submissions are welcomed.

No matter what, feel free to say hello, introduce yourself, and let The Professor know how you’d like to be involved in APPARITIONS.